Asio Technologies was founded in 2003 as a research and development company serving the defense and paramilitary markets. Asio Tech specializes in target acquisition, observation, orientation, reconnaissance and C4i systems. 

Asio's solutions are based on true operational experience ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance to targeting and weapon guidance. Asio's operational experience is based on its staff, which served as officers in special forward observation and reconnaissance units, participating in numerous operations.

Asio Tech has a strategic business partnerships with some Israelis and International defense contractors for the manufacturing and distribution of Asio products. The company has also embarked on the licensing of its proprietary Rapid North Finding and Advanced Digital Target Acquisition technologies.

Asio Tech combines first hand field experience together with strong technological foundations. This combination enables Asio Tech to be fine-tuned to its markets, making the company extremely agile and flexible. Asio Tech quickly delivers innovative solutions to its costumers with the end user in mind, simplifying complicated systems thus saving countless training hours.